Projex Co.

Project Management Thru Technology



For over 20 years, Projex Co. has provided Magnetic Media replication, duplication, packaging, printing and fulfillment services. Whether it is CD, DVD, USB or Unique Shape USB, we have a full range of solutions.

Our customers include major corporations, small companies, universities and hospitals. The projects might include sales catalogs, training materials, marketing/advertising materials, corporate reports or any data that needs to be distributed.

As the technology and the marketplace changes, we will be there to help you make the right choices for your projects!

Projex Co. can complete your project in a time frame and budget that meets your needs. We offer the experience and expertise to provide you with the packaging, printing and duplication format that will best suit your needs.

You will be pleased with our quick response and superior customer service. It is the philosophy by which our company exists.